Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

If you are renovating your kitchen or redesigning it, then it is vital that you know couple of kitchen window treatment ideas that can help you out.

The kitchen is one part of your home, where many of you tend to spend lot of time. Some of you, might like to sit there and view your garden, some of you like to spend time to cook, while some of you even like to do your work in the kitchen counter.

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas 2013

There are so many purposes of a kitchen, which is why, it is essential that you design in such a way that you it is pleasant and inviting.

Given below are few useful kitchen window treatment ideas that can help you get the perfect kitchen.

modern kitchen window treatments

modern kitchen window treatments ideas

Think about your current kitchen decor

Before you begin your kitchen redesign, you might want to think about your current kitchen décor. The interior design should match along with the windows that you are planning to install. You will want to choose styles and colors that can suit the theme that is already present inside your kitchen.

The location of the window is also very important. Do you want to place it above your stove or above the sink? Usually many people prefer having the window near the sink as it allows sunlight inside. Of course, you will want to also decide on the fabric that you will be using on the curtains that you will place on the windows or window frame.

Measure the windows

The windows have to be carefully measured before you choose the design for your kitchen. If you are building or renovating your kitchen, then it is vital that you know the size of the windows. Once the frame of your kitchen has been done, it will be very complicated when you want to change the measurements.

So, finalize the measurements before building or renovating your kitchen.

large kitchen window treatment ideas

large kitchen window treatment ideas

Select kitchen friendly materials

You will have to select kitchen friendly materials so that the windows treatments can be done easily. As you know, the kitchen involves work with water. When you wash plates or clean the walls of the kitchen, there is water splashed everywhere. Food can also ruin the settings. When that happens, your windows might get spoiled.

You do not want that to happen. It is best not to have windows treatments present near the stove or oven. They might get damaged. You will have to choose your materials in such a way that they help you set up your kitchen. Selecting kitchen friendly materials is not an easy task and you might want to take the help of a professional interior designer.

Decide on the lighting

You will want to also decide on the lighting that is going to be in your kitchen. Though, you might go in for lighting fixtures, you will want to also make use of light present outside. For this to happen, you will want to select window treatments which provide enough sunlight. Those of you, who are particular about your privacy, will want to ensure that the windows are not too big.

So, have the above kitchen window treatment ideas in mind before you start your design. Also, check video below:

And these are pictures of kitchen window treatments:

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