Security Screen Doors

May 11, 2017
May 11, 2017

Having security screen doors on the entrances of the home should be something to consider especially if you live somewhere where security is a concern.

Using security screen doors is one necessity that many people have to make them make feel safe and secure. Having security screen doors on the entrances of the home should be something to consider especially if you live somewhere where security is a concern.

You can have security screen door that are designed in order to suit the main door of your home. Adding an extra look to it can make the door appealing and not take away from the door behind if you want to blend the two together.

Security Screen Doors

What makes the security screen doors different from others; is the grilles on the exterior, as the other screen doors don’t have that feature.

security screen doors french doors

security french door

The more traditional screen doors are used to keep the air in, but keep the bugs away. This same idea is used, with the extra benefit of security, by adding the grilles to the doors to make the homeowner feel protected.

The grilles seen on the doors are often steel, or case iron, or other material that is effective in the same way. This makes it difficult for the intruder to get past the door.

steel security screen doors

steel grill security screen door

The security screen doors also have the added bonus of extra hinges. This means, that disengaging the door will be quite difficult. The other thing that you must look out for is the lock, as they need to be sturdy and not easily tampered with.

The doors are made using a different kind of material, so with that in mind make sure that is of quality and what the manufacturer says it is.

These doors can come in various forms, such as a hinged door, single door, sliding door or double doors and many more. The door can be chosen to your specification.

sliding security screen doors

sliding security screen door

When looking into these doors you need to consider the weight of the metal grilles and the frames, together they are quite heavy. The frame itself needs to be able to withstand the metal grilles.

So, installing everything correctly is of the outmost importance, as the purpose of these doors will not work. So, the frames need to be reinforced properly, to withstand the weight.

home security screen doors

home security door

The other aspect to consider is the cost of the doors. Most of the standard sizes are between 32 to 36 inches wide, the metal doors can cost anywhere from $75-$200.

If you would like to get a storm door, as the metal security door with a signature design, then this may cost $200 – $750. A storm cut door with nothing added to the door, will cost anywhere from $100 – $300.

metal security screen doors

metal security door

If you need to have your doorframes reinforced then this could add an extra cost of $50 – $250, depending on what you use and the service you use. As you can see there is a bit to know about security screen doors, but the more you know the better informed you will be.

patio screen door replacement

patio (screen) door replacement

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