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May 11, 2017
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May 11, 2017

When you have walk in shower designs it gives a different feel and beauty to the bathroom and it also gives you that privacy that you really need.

Walk in shower designs are becoming more popular as many homes prefer them to the standard ones. When you have walk in shower designs it gives a different feel and beauty to the bathroom and it also gives you that privacy that you really need.

Keep reading this article as we have some of the most popular walk in shower designs.

Walk in Shower Designs

There are some tips about walk in shower designs. We hope these tips help you a lot.

custom walk in shower designs

custom bathtub walk in shower designs


Ceramic and granite tiles are 2 of the most popular types of designs that you can get for this style of bathroom.

For a contemporary look the tile granite is the best way to go. To give the sense of elegance, tile your bathroom on the walls as your shower section will be covered with glass the design will be an instant wow factor.

shower tile design ideas

shower tile design idea

shower stall doors

shower stall door

walk in bathtubs with shower

walk in bathtub with shower

Delicate designs in your bathroom can be quite stunning but you must remember your budget as this can become quite expensive.

The enclosure for the walk in shower designs will also include a bathtub.

Doorless Walk in Shower Design

By having a doorless shower, means that you allow for maximum space at all times.

When the bathroom size is of an issue this is where this design will come in handy. This too is excellent for people who do not want too much in the shower area and want something simple and clean.

doorless walk in shower designs

doorless walk in shower design

glass shower enclosures

glass shower enclosures

shower remodel pictures

shower remodel picture

Since you do not have doors in the shower, the space becomes easy to clean which is an added bonus of course.

Luxurious homes and five star hotels will often have walk in bathrooms. Even if you do have a small bathroom, this is one of those designs that you can easily take advantage of.

The Zen and Spa Themes

As you can tell from reading the name this is a design that will unfortunately break your bank.

This walk in shower designs has many showerheads that can give you that relaxing feeling that you would get at a spa. The cream, whites and pastels are what you would look at for in this styling.

The reason for this is that it is clean, and crisp. Giving it some finishing touches like scented candles, and a decorative design will go along away.

Rustic Theme

Rustic themes are none expensive, so if budget is an issue then this is quite a theme to have. This is preferred because it is cost effective and very cheap.

Natural colors are often used in this style. Beachwood is often used in the shower enclosure. Plain colors are great with this look as it gives you that rustic feel.

walk in tubs and showers

walk in tub and shower

walk in shower designs for small bathrooms

walk in shower design for small bathroom

With this look the walk in shower designs will feel like a sauna room, when adding this design. Although the rustic theme is budget friendly, it can still look WOW when putting your own finishing touches to it.

As you can see there are a few options to choose from when you create your design. So, there is no reason that one of these walk in shower designs cannot be used.

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