Lawn care services in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA is a beautiful destination for home owners with the Queen Mary, the Aquarium of The Pacific and the beach what more can you ask for. Long Beach is the seventh most populated city in California, which means that finding the right gardeners for you might be a little troublesome. Let us give your yard a makeover, so you can enjoy all your lawns potential. Our company has over 20 years of experience in the business and plan on satisfying all your needs. This means that you leave all the work for us and you will have more time enjoying all Long Beach.

Why choose us?

We understand that there are many lawn care services in Long Beach, CA, finding the right one for you could be the only inconvenience. We are proud of our work and truly feel that we will meet all your expectations. Our company has built ourselves as one of the most hardworking companies that try to eliminate all the mow-blow and leave companies out there in Long Beach, CA. As professionals we care about how we leave your lawn and you can fully expect that we will do all services perfect, just as if it were our own.

What to Expect?

What you can expect from us is a perfectly mowed lawn. Then a straight edger around lawn and  a crisp weed whacking that reaches all the locations the lawn mower can’t. After that seeding and fertilizer may be applied depending on lawns health. Finally checking the right amount of water the lawn receives. It is important that the right amount water hits lawn and setting the perfect time to wet lawn.   This will leave a perfect healthy lawn each time that can save you time, money and the headache. We adjust our work to what you want and each week we will maintain it immaculately.

Looking for More?

• Clean-ups
• Weekly and Bi-Weekly mowing
• Garden maintenance
• Sprinkler installation and repair
• Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting
• Garden renovation

Should you pay for Lawn Care?

Our company knows that many homeowners can do their own lawn and may not want to pay for professional lawn care. Well we are here to tell you that, doing all the work yourself could be more time consuming as well as more expensive. Our company has all commercial tools necessary for any job. Not only do we have all the tools, we also have knowledge of over 20 years in the business with all types of lawns that can help you today for tomorrow. The longer you wait to find the right service to treat all the necessary problems, the more you will have to pay to solve them. This could all be solved with one simple call. When our professional workers arrive at your house you will receive what you need when it comes to Long Beach, CA lawn care services for a fair price

Our History

Founded in Long Beach, CA our family owned business has been providing lawn care services for over two

Lawn Care Services Long Beach CA

Lawn Care Services Long Beach CA

generations. We not only provide a service that will make your lawn look like our very own. Our professional gardeners provide a lawn care service to Long Beach residents that we would be proud of. We take great pride in all our customers lawns appearance as if it was one of our own family members!





Lawn Care Services Long Beach CA Estimate

Lawn Care Services Long Beach CA Estimate