Finding the right lawn mowing service in Cerritos, Ca could be such a hassle. Some gardeners may not have the right experience that you may be looking for. Our Company has over 20 years of experience that has helped us gain all the knowledge to maintain a beautiful lawn.  We would like to bring all the beautiful lawns of Cerritos parks right to your home. We know we have what it takes to meet your expectations, plus we have all the right tools needed for any tough job. You may be thinking of doing your own lawn, well let me tell you that it can be fairly time consuming and not as cost effective as you believed. A big mistake homeowners make is not letting a true professional maintain there lawn.. Let our experience handle all the work and give you the ability to take pride of your lawn.

What to expect?

Lawn Mowing Service Cerritos, CA

Lawn Mowing Service Cerritos, CA

Once you sign up with our lawn mowing service in Cerritos, Ca there are many procedures that will be taken to maintain your lawns health. Our professional gardeners will arrive and first figure out the perfect cut size for your lawn, then mow it to perfection. Also, we will check your current sprinklers to make sure the grass is getting sufficiently wet. Remember for the healthiest lawns you must apply the right amount of water. We have plenty of services that go beyond lawn mowing so if there’s more that needs to be done, we are here to help. We work to satisfy all our customers and trust us we have all the equipment needed for any tough job.

Our Services 

      • • Clean-ups
      • • Weekly and Bi-Weekly mowing
      • • Garden maintenance
      • • Sprinkler installation and repair
      • • Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting
        • Garden renovation

Our Professional Commercial Equipment

      1. Honda Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower
      2. Echo Gas Edger
      3. Shindawia Line Trimmer Weed Eater
      4. Echo Leaf Blower Backpack Hip Mount Throttle Low Noise
      5. Shindawia Hedge trimmer (compact)
      6. ECHO Hedge trimmer (extensive)

And Much More!


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