There are two kinds of balusters which can fulfill both: wrought iron balusters and wooden balusters. Let’s compare them.

The security of stairways is a great factor to reduce the danger of accidents. Nonetheless, anyone will agree that such stairways are also a factor which beautifies a home. Hence, what kind of balusters should be installed in order to have both security and beauty?

Wrought Iron Balusters

There is a great chance that those reading this article have wood balusters at home. But if you are planning to have your home renovated, then, iron balusters are great for you.

We will first compare these two types of balusters and recognize the advantages of iron balusters over wood.

metal stair balusters

metal stair balusters


Obviously, iron is unquestionably durable than wood. There is a tendency for wooden balusters to decay as time goes. They are also vulnerable to termites and vermin.

Wrought iron balusters do not experience above problems. After they have been installed, they can last for a long time.

wrought iron stair railing

wrought iron stair railing

Now, if you are concern on becoming bored on seeing the same balusters over and over through the year, there is a solution to that. Given a particular time, you can get them repainted on the color of your liking.

Wooden balusters can still be a good choice provided that you have enough money to change them after a short while. Otherwise, just install wrought iron balusters on your stairways.

porch wrought iron balusters

porch wrought iron balusters


Wrought iron is certainly ductile and has the ability to be molded at any shape. Therefore, iron balusters are more decorative compared to wooden balusters.

We all know that wood doesn’t have the quality of being molded into decorative shapes whereas metal could be warped into intricate designs.

Thus, wrought iron balusters give you more options and allow your imagination run when you decorate your house.

Easy Availability

The changes in the interests of decorators, as well as homeowners, craftsmen tend to make wrought iron balusters. They have become uncertain on trying out designs for wooden balusters.

deck balusters

deck balusters

Consequently, iron balusters became more available and can be seen in any showrooms and small shops in town. You may also purchase them online at the comfort of your home.

When talking about cost, everything depends on the location where you live and how much metal is allocated there.

Wrought iron balusters can be cheaper or expensive than wooden balusters depending on their quality and workmanship. The more exhaustive and complicated the designs the higher the cost.

So, it is all now in your hands which type of baluster you’ll have. Will it be the wrought iron? Or will it be the wooden one?

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